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Dear valued client,

Exciting news from People's Dynamic Development

2010 is drawing to a close! This was the year that we all embraced as South Africans and you will agree that we proudly exhibited to the world our wonderful country, our beautiful stadiums and most of all our diverse and talented people. For the first time as a nation, we were all focussing on a common goal, and it showed!!! We experienced a world class event that could serve as a case study to the rest of the world. We savoured these 6 weeks and fell in love with what it offered. We proved most importantly to ourselves what we are capable of and now there is a hunger to sustain the efficiency, the unity and the sense of being proudly South African.

Jim Collins, in his book "Good to Great" confirms that world class countries need world class, schools, businesses and enterprises. He reminds us that "greatness is not a result of circumstance but constant choice and discipline" and that "even though we may look great on the outside" we should be working on what is happening on the "inside". Success is like a giant flywheel and to turn it is not one big push, but small and continuous efforts, "one push at a time!"

For us at PDD and PDD Innovation this has been our focus, to assist our clients with all our offerings not to only improve but to pursue greatness in their people practices.

Despite all the challenges in 2010, People's Dynamic Development was again blessed and participated with some longstanding clients in turn key projects. We have also established some new and meaningful business relationships. Please allow us to share some highlights.


PDD growing and building new relationships

Our unique philosophy and approach to training was again very successful. Our core interventions; mentorship training, Vukani, Synergy, as well as programmes from PDD Innovation, the GPS powered team building and our customer service programme called Mall Mania have again proved to be highly promoted interventions. Clients that we would like to thank this year include:

BMW, Bokomo, Central Rand Gold CSIR, Clientele Life, Deloitte Consulting, Engen Oil, Eskom, EXXARO, FSB, FNB, GEDA, Growthpoint, Kumba, Imperial Logistics, Lonmin, Murray & Robberts, Plessey, SC Johnson, Samancor, SARS,Senwes, SASRIA, Vodacom, Unisa

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PDD book on mentoring - "Raising Giant Killers"

"Raising Giant Killers" has truly become the text book for mentors in South Africa. It is currently used as a reference guide and journal to assist thousands of mentoring relationships locally and internationally.

Please note that the book is currently sold out at Exclusive Books as well as the publisher. We do have the book available from both the PDD offices in Pretoria and Cape Town at a 20% discount on normal retail prices.



Conference Feedback
  • PDD presented at the Annual ASTD Conference in the Drakensberg during March 2010. The topic of "Maximising Synergy within your  executive team" created an interest that is a clear reflection of this need level within business.

  • Niel also presented in November at the HR Africa international conference. The topic of his presentation on "How to practically implement successful formal mentoring programmes" provided participants with an opportunity to understand the critical elements for mentoring success. See article on formal mentoring published in Human Capital review Jan 2011.

  • In July PDD jointly hosted a Network Breakfast session with Andre Vermeulen from Neurolink in Pretoria. The topic was "How do we manage the challenge of people optimisation?" Neurolink and PDD has been working closely on a number of projects and this joint product offering of brain profiles and the PDD programmes has created  a huge value add to our customers. We will continue to host such breakfast sessions during 2011.

  • We are excited to inform you that we have again been selected to present a paper at the ASTD 2011 International Conference & Exposition, to be held in May 2011 in Orlando Florida, USA!!! Being proudly South African we are looking forward to share, with the approximately 12 000 delegates, unique African analogies in our presentation "How to sustain learning through profitable mentoring relationships?"
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PDD's sister company had an exciting year. Estelle Coetzer has consulted with a number of clients on specific development and consulting needs.

We are delighted to inform you that Phyllis Ndlovu will take up the position of director in the Innovation business as from January 2011.

At Innovation we believe that each organisation is unique with different challenges, Innovation will focus on designing programmes and interventions in consultation with you, catering for unique needs. Watch this space as Innovation will review its offerings in the New year!


Executive coaching a new offering from Innovation

Albert Sweitzer said "the tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives". Increasingly at PDD Innovation we have requests for Executive coaching. This stems from demands within the working environment, to display a level of competence beyond operational and functional knowledge and skills.

In executive coaching, the focus is very specific to the needs of the organization. A sound understanding of the business context and realities, should form the basis of any learning initiative. Some key questions to be asked are:

  • What are the key challenges facing your organization within the next 2 to 5 years?
  • Within the context of these challenges, what skills, knowledge attributes will be required of your leaders?
  • What is the profile or competence matrix for leaders within your organization?

Answers to the above questions, would provide the coach with a platform from which to focus development initiatives. Using various tools and techniques, we strongly focus on increased self-awareness .and understanding to create a self directedness in achieving the required outcomes.

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Keystone Coaching

At PDD Innovation we provide tools to equip leaders in organizations with the tools to transfer functional knowledge and skill, we provide a 2-day coaching workshop: Keystone coaching provides an understanding of the fundaments of coaching, as well as provide learners with the opportunity to practically apply the coaching process and practice the skills required.  Ultimately it is about creating a competent and motivated workforce leading to better bottom line financial results!  We believe that Keystone Coaching can unlock this journey to better results for you! 

Should you require more information on our workshop Keystone coaching, do not hesitate to contact our office or Estelle Coetzer directly at 082 785 6023



Next year we will be focusing on the exciting new field of Neuro-Leadership. This emerging field of study focuses on bringing Neuro-scientific knowledge into the areas of leadership development, management training, change management, consulting and coaching. It aims to improve overall leadership effectiveness by taking into account the physiology of the mind and the brain. We will be designing interventions focusing on the following areas of leadership:

- Decision making and problem solving
- Emotional regulation
- Collaborating and influencing others
- Facilitating change

Being focussed on staying on the forefront of the latest developments in our field, we have no doubt that Neuro-leadership will provide new insights and add value to our clients.


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PDD offers more unique Labour law programmes

This year, together with the worldwide economic recession, South African employers had its fair share of retrenchments and restructuring to buffer the effect of the recession. 

On the other side of the coin, unions vigorously negotiated on wages and contributed to the fight against Labour Brokers and A-typical employment. It is a clear indication that the needs of the workers are equally competing with economic pressures ultimately forcing management to deal with matters in a multi dimension manner. 

Various amendments to the Labour Relations Act and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and on Labour Brokers are expected in the new year.

All these changes have severely impacted the confidence of line managers to fulfill the role expected. At Innovation we recognize all the above and offer focused programmes to equip managers and supervisors with the essence to facilitate sound relationships in the work context. Johannette can be contacted at 0721771966.

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Psychological services

Some of our team had an extremely busy year, that is publically speaking!!!! Phyllis Ndlovu has been involved in psycho-education in various media, including being a regular guest on 3Talk with Nolleen. 

Various radio stations have also invited her to shed light on various psychological issues Radio 2000, Metro FM, KayaFM are among these. Phyllis was also recently appointed as the sports psychologist for Banyana Banyana! The girls played exceptionally well during the CAF tournament in South Africa, finishing third. Phillis will also be assisting the squad in 2011. Well done Phyllis! She can be contacted on 0825601172.


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Mall Mania

Innovation has created the most wonderful branding, customer service and team event that you could imagine. This takes place in one of South Africa's premier retail environments. This real life opportunity will allow you to be exposed to the promise of a number of prominent brands but also to experience and appreciate customer service in a unique way.

The mall mania experience provides a framework for learning and an opportunity for you and your team to assess and redefine your own brand strategy, customer service and team dynamics. Don't wait, come "shop and play" Mall-mania, the most unique learning experience you have ever had! Please contact Celeste at 082 453 6983 for further information.

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Brain profiles - adding more value

"The only way that people and organisations will maintain their competitive advantage in this rapidly changing world is if they have the capacity to out-think, out-learn, out-create and out-perform their competition. This makes brain power the number one determining factor for success in this Millennium, placing people and the brain in the centre of business".
Andre Vermeulen

The approach to develop people and organisations that flows from the specialised field of brain-based learning and development is to first access the mental faculties of people. People's Dynamic Development has joined Neuro-Link and in association, develops people by making them self smart, enhancing their personal awareness about their emotions, who they are, their purpose in life, how they think about themselves and what they want out of life.

We offer Learning Receptiveness Profiles (LRP TM) which is a brain profile that indicates 5 different perspectives of how a person prefers to use their brain, think, learn and process information. The profile also offers suggestions for further development. This could be used in your organization to:

  • Increase performance
  • A tool that assists Mentors and Protege's to get to know one another and create insight in the management of each other
  • Develop team synergy
  • Discover individual's unique strengths and developmental areas
  • Enhance intrapersonal and/or interpersonal skills (emotional intelligence)
  • Enhance their capacity for whole brain learning and thinking

Please contact Celeste at 082 453 6983 for further information.

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PDD-Cape Town is continuously innovating

New workshop: As a manager, have you been tasked with the unenviable task of retrenching others? PDD-Cape has developed a programme dealing with the emotional impact of retrenchments on the retrenchment implementer.

Groundbreaking research completed during 2007, showed that despite their critical role in retrenchment, the experiences and challenges of retrenchment implementers have largely been ignored when formulating retrenchment models and best practice guidelines.

For the first time attention has been paid to understanding the emotional challenges those implementers of retrenchments face, the coping mechanisms they employ and what organisations can do to support them in dealing with the emotional impact of retrenching others. This work is the first of its kind in South Africa and only 1 other similar body of research has been conducted in the world in India.



NEW: Individual and Team Development offering:
Learning from a HORSE!

People change when uncomfortable - People grow when challenged!
By incorporating horses experientially for growth and learning, the EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning) modality, is a collaborative effort between a mental health professional and a horse professional working with groups, teams and individuals AND horses to address development goals in a true PDD style using metaphorical learning .

The horse/s is/are an integral part of this solution-focused learning approach, where participants learn about themselves and others by participating in activities with the horse/s and then processing thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and patterns. Those who have experienced this POWERFUL and effective approach describe the experience as having a lasting and incredible impact.  This intervention can be used as a customized process or as a supplementary intervention to the Mentoring relationship as well as the Team Synergy offering. Please contact Birgit at 082 561 3965 for further information.


We look forward to 2011, sharing more thoughts, providing innovative training solutions through African bush analogies - and serving you as our customer. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require more information. Kind regards,

Everyone at PDD and PDD Innovation
Niel, Birgit, Estelle, Phyllis, Celeste, Johanette, Francois, Sonja

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